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The Home of Natural Fertility Newark &

Victoria Watts Osteopath 

Sciatica, trapped nerve, slipped disc, it has many names, but one common factor - PAIN.

It hurts, and nothing hurts quite the same as nerve pain, going down your leg, causing tingling or numbness in your feet, maybe even you feel like your leg is giving way from undern...

This is such huge topic and always causes debate,  with so many dieting options out there it can be totally confusing. I spent the Day in York last week attending a weight loss seminar from a functional medicine point of view. Most of you reading this will be think wha...

I have been meaning to write a blog about what health means to me an why it is so important. Personally I became more aware of what health is and means to me when I started my Osteopathy course, everyone was drinking herbal tea which was something I never knew existed...

With so many different therapies out there it can be daunting to know where to go for a treatment when you are suffering from any pain or injury. For a lot of people the first port of call is the GP but many of my patients say to me I don't like taking pills. I have be...

I've spent a very long time looking into the tons of different preconception supplements that are available, i've looked at the cost and the strength of ingredients to find one that I feel is good value.

I've looked at Pregnacare, Wellman, boots own, Proxeed, and Zita w...

The fertility recipe book is starting to come along nicely - Watch this space!

Tis the season for colds - homemade cold syrup, really easy, chopped Ginger, whole chopped lemon, about 4 tbsp of honey add a little boiling water and leave. When needed add a spoonful to some hot water as a drink.

The simple blueberry, great for fertility, makes awesome purple smoothies.

This one contains blueberries, strawberries, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, natural yoghurt and your choice of milk/nut milk.

This morning I made these homemade peanut butter and dark chocolate truffles. It's a super easy recipe and only 3 ingredients.. dark chocolate, peanut butter and a fat of your choice. I used butter but you could use coconut oil if you want to be super healthy. They tas...

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