Preconception Supplements - which ones?

I've spent a very long time looking into the tons of different preconception supplements that are available, i've looked at the cost and the strength of ingredients to find one that I feel is good value.


I've looked at Pregnacare, Wellman, boots own, Proxeed, and Zita west. some of these are really expensive! thats without taking an omega 3 oil alongside; which a lot of these brands you have to buy separately, a months worth of multivitamin and omega 3 for men and women could be costing you around £30 or more a month.


There is brand that I recommend called Lamberts Strongstart, they provide the exact amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for men and women, they also contain a months supply of omega 3 in the box.


Through Lamberts website the supplements are £12.95 each, or through my website at £10 each, I can confirm I have taken these myself and find them to be a very good value multi vitamin and omega oil.


To purchase Strongstart through me please follow the link









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